A fantasy tale where you play the starring role


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The Hollow is a conversational adventure game in proper kids' fairy tale style where you play a hunter whose daughter is lost in the forest. Using only your decision-making abilities, you'll journey through a story filled with interesting characters.

Gameplay in The Hollow is very simple, since you just have to click on the decisions you want your character to make. Some of these decisions won't make much of a difference, while others will drastically change how the game ends. In fact, you might end up with either a happy ending or a sad one... it'll all depend on the choices you make.

As you progress through the game you'll meet many different characters. Some will try to help you while others will be out to trick you. In the enchanted forest where this game takes place, you can't trust anyone or anything.

The Hollow is an excellent conversational adventure that tells a very interesting story, plus it has great graphics and a perfect soundtrack. And best of all, there are several different endings, so it's moderately replayable.
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